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What we do

Mobile Apps

Our branded apps are teeming with new ways for you to reach and entertain your audiences.

We’re always there to make sure the servers and everything else are running smoothly – even on Christmas Day.
Work with us to develop exactly what you envision for your app, then launch it within 5 days.

Hook up partner and advertising brands to your app for a whole new revenue stream.

It’s your app, for your community. Our control portal and cross-platform content tools enable you to communicate and publish anywhere, to anyone and at any time.

We aim to act as an extension to your team, adding insight where you’d like us to. We can help with sponsor acquisition, content creation, PR, marketing ideas, and of course, extensive tech support.

Brands & Advertising

We make monetising your app – or advertising on one – as straightforward as possible. Create a new cash flow by monetising your app with us, or place your brand in front of thousands of engaged people. 

App Sponsorship

The premier real estate for apps is a brand’s logo on the “splash” screen (prior to login). Make an app “Powered By” your brand, and work to place your brand as the official sponsor.

In-App Advertising Campaign

Target users by demographic and place campaigns to appear on their in-app newsfeed. Content can take the form of either a photo or video with a click through to the Brand’s website.

Verified Log-In 

Acquire verified profiles for brands and influencers alike, then post from them: these posts will be seen by all users whether they ‘follow’ them or not. Fire push notifications with new posts and use the Admin Panel to schedule posts ahead of time.

Weather Widget

Brand a weather widget: this functionality is one that users check in the lead up to most events to ensure they are packing the correct items.

Custom Stickers & Branded Filters

Use our integrated in-app camera to add branded stickers and filters attendees’ posting options. Designed by us, within the brand’s guidelines and objectives, they are ideal for competitions, and are favoured by many users.



Sponsor Tab

Acquire an extra mention of brands on the Sponsor Tab in-app so that your name is further tied to the event.

Case Studies: Brands & Advertising


Red Bull came on board this year for a digital activation to complement their stage and float in the parade that they do in tandem with Mangrove.

In order to achieve maximum exposure we created a verified profile (seen above, first image), a branded pin on the interactive map (seen above, second image) and integration of the Red Bull Music player & Live Stream from the stage itself (seen above, third image).

This activation helped cement Red Bull as a recognised supporter and sponsor of Notting Hill Carnival.

Red Bull noted a sizeable increase in streams of their Red Bull Radio playlists and Live Red Bull Radio Stream via the integration in the Notting Hill Carnival Mobile application. Content created and shared through their Verified Profile allowed Red Bull to be at the forefront of the conversation pre, during and post event.

Red Bull also noted that the Push Notification feature made it easier than ever to promote their presence and the branded pin on the interactive map complemented that nicely.


BBC INTRODUCING MUSIC Live came on board in Q4 2018. Due to the timing of the event and the recent launch of the BBC SOUNDS mobile application this made for a perfect coupling for a brand activation. BBC SOUNDS came onboard and was integrated with a “Sponsored By” activation (seen in the above image on the left) supported by a branded tab in the menu (seen in the above image on the right) linking to a web view of the BBC SOUNDS website. Across the 3 day event the splash screen was seen by thousands of users and BBC SOUNDS was in turn seen by all as the headline sponsor of the event.

BBC SOUNDS reported that the traffic to their website increased by 35% during event time, Second Screen successfully tracked over 1500 individual clicks on the BBC SOUNDS tab.


Originally secured in 2017 Samsung took the premier slot in the Boardmasters Festival application to complement their on site activation. So pleased with the results from 2017 Samsung where quick to snap up this spot again this year for 2018 and have already expressed interest in the 2019 edition of Boardmasters Festival.


Following on from their 2017 success with Second Screen ads, rock and roll finery brand Rockins decided to run a 6 day campaign around the key dates of NBHD Weekender offering 3 individual click through campaign posts. Campaign 1 ran two days prior to the event, Campaign 2 ran over the 2 event days and Campaign 3 ran two days post event. Here are the results;

13,693 VIEWS  //  527 CLICKS  //  109.66% AVG SALES INCREASE FOR BRAND


NBHD approached Second Screen with a single collective offering for the headline sponsors of the event who wanted to appear in the app. This was up-sold to them by the client ensuring that Second Screen was able to gain its commission for the branded space but also allowing the client to benefit from having a tangible asset to sell.



The Gypsy Shrine sells iconic face jewellery and chunky glitter mixes, they appeared on site at NBHD Weekender this year, and Second Screen wanted to ramp up their activation…

For this we created a verified profile which allowed the brand to interact with attendees by posting content to the main feed of the app, visible to all users by default allowing for a personalised connection.

Brands use this space in different ways, The Gypsy Shrine ran a competition seen above. The competition had 218 entries across the weekend.

Please contact Edd for more information and pricing.

Edd Weller
Brand Partnerships
+44 7825 020 020