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Our apps & packages

Build digital and irl communities with an app package that works for you; from a Classic app with the essential Line-Up and Newsfeed features, to packages featuring Live Streaming, Branded Filters, Native Ticketing, Shop Function, Geo-Accurate Maps and Real-Time Location Data.


If you’re a brand or an artist with a community, but aren’t based around one event, then we’re here to turbo-charge your engagement. As a white-label platform, we can work with you to create a perfect space for your audience. Discover a new platform for content and sponsorship opportunities with a busy ‘forum’ news feed area, shop, bespoke stickers and camera filters.

£291.67 p/m*

Our Classic option is built with your attendees in mind: action stage-time alerts with artist favouriting on our line-up feature, watch as your communities interact in a moderated news feed and give up-to-the-minute updates with push notifications.

£416.67 p/m*

Our Interactive package brings your festival and event to life: experience geo-accurate, moving site maps so your attendees can easily navigate your event, action native ticketing, and experience new branding opportunities with custom camera filters.

£666.67 p/m*

Our Connected package gives you extraordinary insight into the workings of your event. Using our partner Crowd Connected, you can now see the movement of your audience and event in real-time, make strategic safety and curating decisions, and trigger notifications based on a single user’s exact location on-site.


Tailored Classic Integrated Connected
Verified Profiles
Web Page Links
Static Map
Lineups / Tour Dates / Itinerary
Push Notifications
Advertising Opportunities
Photo /Video Capture
Data Capture Log-Ins
Social Media Links
Audio Player
User/Data Analytics
Interactive Maps
Live Voting / Polls
Custom Stickers
Native Ticketing
Event Listings w/ Ticket Links
Live Streaming
Content Galleries
Branded Filters
Shop / Store
Geo-Locational Data
Geo-Targeted Messaging
Real-Time Insights

Bespoke Apps

It’s your brand, so if there’s a particular app or functionality that you can envision for it, we’re here to facilitate. Give us a call or drop us a line and we can schedule a development meeting with you.

*Multi-Year and Referral options are available. Prices are subject to VAT.

Please get in touch and we can work out the best solution for you.